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 How's It Going (Model) Professional?

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PostSubject: How's It Going (Model) Professional?   How's It Going (Model) Professional? Icon_minitimeFri May 07, 2010 10:27 am

We liked the idea of this post a lot, but felt it was better suited to this board, so we just edited for language to clean it up a bit, moved it on over and voila!…

Like any other profession, modeling has also become more commonplace amongst mainstream professionals all over the world. The modeling Profession is something that also requires proper training and knowledge (not only of how to wear clothes, but also of how a garment must be both aesthetic and functional, as well as how the garment and the person must look to photograph properly). And in addition to requiring a person be well defined in body and structure, the model professional must also be appropriately, well educated (this will lend itself to the marketability of the professional model beyond the runway and editorial work into big box office as well as mainstream business professional markets.

As with any other profession, the guidelines of the
Professional Modeling Agency is, are and must be, not only maintained and enforced within/to meet certain superior criteria, but ideally will exceed that criteria (this will make the difference between say, a television star and a film star). People/talent of modeling agencies need not be actual models to start, but in addition to specializing in their respective fields, they must be as they say, camera ready (have that star quality that draws the public eye, so to speak).

The criteria to be met by these select persons, may become more stringent with the growth of the agencies. So any prospective creative professional (and agency rep) should always be prepared to meet these demands accordingly (so, looks, height, education and poise are the key criteria in the professional modeling world if you’re interested)…

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Original Post by JuliaClair (from :: OnlineCliniqueForum™ board)
"Like any other profession, modeling also have become one among with wide acceptance of people all over the world. Profession is something that requires proper training and knowledge. It’s something that have a well defined body and structure. The curriculum related to it is properly framed and the people associated with it is well educated.

As people of any other profession, the guides of professional model agency is supposed to be within certain criteria’s. People of modeling agencies need not be actual models, but they should be specialized in their respective fields.

The criteria’s to be fulfilled by the people of such agencies, get’s widened with the growth of the agencies. So an agency should always be equipped to meet the changing scenarios.--"


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How's It Going (Model) Professional?
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