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 Isn’t It Great, Caucasians are Africans, Too!: DNA Now Shows, We Really Are All From Africa…!

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PostSubject: Isn’t It Great, Caucasians are Africans, Too!: DNA Now Shows, We Really Are All From Africa…!   Sun Apr 27, 2014 12:20 am

How wonderfully karmic that modern day SCIENCE has now proven that the ‘ancestors’ to humanity are African.

Through DNA, Scientists have verified that around 300,000 years ago, a sole common ancestor, originating in Africa, of early humanity (H. Rhodesian/H. Heidelbergenis) split into groups that eventually developed into Neanderthals and Homosapiens.

As all humans evolved from the same African ancestor, any genetic mutations that have occurred over time are due to instinctive human migration and selective breeding which has given us the modern day human-gene-pool in which we now exist and may be critical to the long term future survival of the human race.

DNA has also verified that many modern-day ‘mixed’ ethnicities (Hispanic, Asian, Polynesian, Sicilian, Greek, Middle Eastern Hebrew, Arab, etc. and the like) despite selective inter-breeding for thousands of years, which can eliminate certain traits over time, still retain, small, but, traceable amounts of their (black) African ancestry (with variances among groups, but at upwards of at least 3% or more).

We all know that African people come in many complexions. And a person of pure African ancestry can be very light OR very dark. A point of which African peoples have long stated, may also explain some of the base-genetic mutations of human evolution over time into today’s more specific modern ethno-groups.

So, DNA is now available that supports what Africans have argued long throughout history, that the original humans ancestors really were of African Ancestry.

This is why today, in all ethnic groups, some minuta of ethnic African dna can be found (And in ALL non-white ethnic groups, even with the most selective religious-based mating practices, you will find some retention of African ancestral dna (typically 15-6%) and in even the most remote white ethnic groups, you will still find trace amounts of African dna (0.05% or more)-). And this is also why you will find retention of neanderthal dna in nearly all non-African groups as they had the most contact, with Neanderthal groups outside of Africa before they became extinct. But all modern day human ethnic groups retain some minutia of Africanized dna (whether East or West or South or North, but it is true African dna from a common/shared African ancestor that has been verified as the source of all human ancestry)

1. In 2014 researchers confirmed that dna verified that the Egyptian Pharaohs of Ancient Africa were also of Ugandan ancestry. Verifying what many African historians have expressed for years that Ancient Egyptians were indeed mixed-Africans in the truest sense and not merely from the northern regions of Nubia, Somalia and Ethiopia as most commonly accepted and alluded to in histories.

The language of ancient Egypt is classified as Afro-Asiatic, being spoken by people like the Somali and Amhara of Ethiopia, however dna has shown that the genetic profiles of the mummies match those of Niger–Congo peoples. Researchers have hypothesized that some of the Niger-Congo speaking people, who were carriers of human Y chromosome E1b1a, moved into ancient Egypt along the Nile from the Sahara region as the region dried up and fused with the Afro-Asiatic speaking people, giving rise to the unique language of ancient Egypt. But we all know that it is not uncommon to adopt the language and culture when moving into a new region – like if a person of predominantly German ancestry relocated to France and became a French citizen and spoke only French, they would still carry the dna of their German ancestry --

And although the strong historic-cultural connection between the ancient Egyptians and the modern people of the Great Lakes region of Africa have long been noted by ethnic-historians, anthropologists and ethnographers alike, our European counterparts have long decried the validity of such claims. It is only now with the advent of dna-forensics that the truth of Pharaoh dynasties’ African ethnicity has been proven and it also brings to light the systematic racism that has kept the African lineage of our world shapers, either denied or unspoken or rewritten out of previous histories altogether. Science ratifies all truth. Racism, however is cultural. Yay for DNA!

2. In the early 2000s, The Human Genome Project, originally devised to prove the independent development of ancient Asiatic peoples in China, distinct and separately from other races, baffled researchers when tests showed irrefutably that Chinese populations demonstrated origins that were African and not from other parts of Asia or even Europe (as in Homo-Sapiens).

3. The country of Ethiopia (Abyssinia), in Northern Africa has been established as the ‘Cradle of Life” where humans first existed.

4. Sometime in 1998 A genetic study linked the Lemba people of South Africa to Jesus when it was found that they possessed the coveted royal Semitic-Priestly gene (referred to as Cohanim), unique to Jewish Priests as it genetically relates to blood descendancy from Aaron, the brother to Moses. The priestly order of Cohanim has a common genetic marker that is characteristic of only 10% of the general Jewish population and nonexistent in gentiles. Further study indicated that the prevalence of this genetic marker in some African-Jews was very similar to or even slightly higher than in other male ethnic-Jewish populations.

5. In 1998, Nature Genetics published results from an Italian Study, which showed that groups from East Africa and India demonstrated close genetic similarities, including a common ancestor (although we already knew this, but still, the U.S. government likes to Black or ‘mixed’ people with wavy or straight hair as Caucasian, even when DNA proves otherwise).

6. Harvard Researchers in 2001 were able to determine genetically, that Jewish groups across the board, (although having consistently reproduced within their unique (religious) groups), still retain 3-5% of genetically verifiable Black-African ancestry…

7. A study by the University of Chicago found that Arab populations, including Palestinians, Jordanians, Syrians, Iraqis, and Bedouin also retained Black-African genes.  

Thanks to advances in technology, Modern Science has come a long way, but, it is important to remember how negatively racism has defined our previous universe, in that not so many years ago, in the golden age of scientific discovery, (in the 1900s), these same so-called scientists put forth false theories of human evolution devised on premise of racial bias, emphatically stating that mankind, first evolved from European stock and eventually evolved into the various races that exist today, and even though Africans have long stated the truth of the origins of man, those voices were shouted down by imperial racism.

And even though science has now given credence to what was inherently known by most Africans, many of those same separatists are trying to use contemporary science to further a racially charged agenda. In the U.S. already, northern Africans (Somalia, Ethiopia, Egypt and the like) who today are an admixture of African and European and Asian and Middle-Eastern ethnicities (like most modern-day mixed folks) are strangely being re-classified by the U.S. government as Caucasian, and btw, you can be both, Caucasian and African
– but, in the U.S. we just call it, multi-cultural/bi-racial)…- and so, while this may seem ludicrous, there is a method to this strange madness and it is as follows: -

Due to the genetic mutations that took place after the initial human migration out of Africa, that now physically exists between Europeans and Sub-Saharan-Africans, some separatists/racists are now trying to have Europeans or any Non-Africans with Neanderthal DNA classified as a different species and Northern black-Africans (Ethiopia, Somalia, Egypt, etc) re-classified as Caucasian-blacks (that, however does not include those few Sub-Saharan Africans that also carry this trait, and what about the descendants of the Colchis peoples, are those Europeans going to be re-classified as African-whites…??)…

All this because we developed from the same African ancestors??!! The true oddness in this ethical dilemma, being that our brotherhood should be celebrated in solidarity, not used as a basis for further discrimination.

Although it is true that there are specific genetic mutations that may have occurred over time due to evolution and environment that may not be present in individuals whose Ancestors remained in Sub-Sahara Africa, the end result being that, although there are those who possess some remnants of  the archaic Neanderthal DNA-hybrid genes, and those who do not …

But since having a COMMON primary ancestor to both groups (Neanderthal and Homo-sapiens), means that modern-Homo-Sapiens still possessing Neanderthal DNA are homogeneously ‘mixed’, but are NOT a different or sub-species, from those homo-Sapiens that do not possess Neanderthal genes.

If they are successful in having human beings classified into two different species, one has to wonder who will be classified as human and who will be classified as ‘other’ … This begs the question of: How Black is Too Black? , because apparently, if you aren’t mixed, our lighter skinned fellow humans would like you to fall under the dubious classification of ‘other’— Perhaps it’s true what they say, then, that even after thousands of years of marrying White, you really can’t get ALL the Black-genes out, but if you are part Caucasian, then they might not hold it against you--

We are at a crossroads, in which we must ask ourselves from whence this intense need to subjugate other human beings comes. There was a time in history when Christians were enslaved in pagan-era Rome, and Hebrew people were held in bondage in Africa, and not so long ago that American politicians and Dutch leaders tried to say that Africans weren’t human…  And as science has now taken away that particular slur, however racially driven politics may put us in yet another quandary if we aren’t careful, those who aren’t mixed with Caucasian may be deemed too-Black. The scientific irony being that, we now know that Caucasians are Africans, too…

Before the continental divide, there was truly one world and it was Africa. Today, modern Africa is the world’s second largest continent and second most populous after Asia. Historically Africa has been misrepresented on maps as much smaller in relation to other continents. Nearly 40% of the world’ population is of notable African ancestry. DNA now validates the African contribution, not only to civilizations, but to human evolution, itself.

When we embrace a lifestyle of hatred and violence, we are only displaying what we don’t like about own selves..


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Posts : 79
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PostSubject: Re: Isn’t It Great, Caucasians are Africans, Too!: DNA Now Shows, We Really Are All From Africa…!   Wed Aug 19, 2015 10:20 am

Literary and Online Resources Relevant to World Human Migration and Evolution

Recommended Reading
1. The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey by Spencer Wells (2014; 2002) also doc
2. Origin and Evolution of Primitive Man by Albert Churchward (1912)
3. Prehistoric Man and His History by Prof. G.F. Scott Elliot
4. Origins of Nations by Rawlinson
5. The African Origin of Civilization by Cheikh Anta Diop
6. Methodology and African Pre-History Volume, 1 by Jacqueline Ki-Zerbo (U of California)
7. Fossil Men by Marcellin Boule and Henri Vallois, Oliver and Boyd (translated 1957)
8. They Came Before Columbus by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima
9. Progress and Evolution of Man In Africa by Dr. Leakey (paleoanthropologist)
10. Retake your Fame: Black Contribution to World Civilization Vol. 1
     by Aymer Von Fleischer
11. How Jesus Christ Became White by Aylmer Von Fleischer
13. Black Spark White Fire by Richard Poe
14. Black Madonnas: Feminism, Religion & Politics in Italk by Lucia Birnbaum
15. Black Behind The Ears by Ginetta E.B. Candelario
16. Nile Valley contributions to Civilization Exploding the Myths by Anthony T. Browder
17. Black Writers in Britain (Early Black Writers EUP) by Paul Edwards and David Dabydeen
18. The Black Man the Father of Civilization: Proven by Biblical history -
     by James Morris Webb, AM (

Recommended Online Information


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Isn’t It Great, Caucasians are Africans, Too!: DNA Now Shows, We Really Are All From Africa…!
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