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 Why Black Soap Rocks! Only 4-to-5 Ingredients Total, for One Awesome ALL-Natural (Black) Soap!!

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PostSubject: Why Black Soap Rocks! Only 4-to-5 Ingredients Total, for One Awesome ALL-Natural (Black) Soap!!   Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:40 am

Awesome All-Natural Soap - (A little goes A long Way)!!-Plus A Great Tip

Natural-Cosmetics Raw Organic African Black Soap (
This is an awesome all-natural product. An important note, real African Black Soap does not contain any sulfates or artificial ingredients and only contains less than 8 TOTAL ingredients and must contain: Plantain Skin Ash, Cocoa Pod Ash, Shea Bark Ash, and Palm Oil. The original formulary only contains about 4-5 ingredients (newer formularies may also contain shea-palm-leaf-ash, vitamin E oil, honey or aloe-vera depending upon the region in which it is made). But, the traditional recipe is the one you want.

It is Great for controlling eczema, psoriasis, acne, oily skin, etc.
Important usage tips:
“African Black Soap is very potent and depending upon your skin type needs, is best used between 2-4days per week, followed by a moisturizer such as jojoba oil, and with a normalizing or moisturizing (aloe, cucumber, shea, honey) natural soap used on the alternating days to maximize benefits and prevent over drying. Also, it is important to apply your African Black Soap with a soft cloth or facial brush or bath brush to avoid scratches as Natural soaps derived from caustic potash may retain some solid organic bits that may bruise if rubbed directly onto the skin. And authentic African Black Soap does not have any ‘labeling’ and is simply cut and wrapped in a saran-like plastic wrapping and shipped.”-

TIP: Save your soap crumbles and make LIQUID soap!

If you get to the last little bits of your soap save them and dice them into even smaller pieces with a small knife. Steep the crumbles in hot to warm water until fully dissolved and add more water as desired for consistency (many suggest about 1ounce of crumbles to 2ounces water)

Usage note:
If you get the 1lb bar or larger, cut it into smaller bars using a sharp (butcher’s) knife and freeze the rest.
In terms of quality, definitely rates an A/A-

For other great tips try our Webzine,

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Why Black Soap Rocks! Only 4-to-5 Ingredients Total, for One Awesome ALL-Natural (Black) Soap!!
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