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 What They Don’t Want You To Know: How Lace Front Wigs and Extensions Are Killing More Than Women’s Hair!

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PostSubject: What They Don’t Want You To Know: How Lace Front Wigs and Extensions Are Killing More Than Women’s Hair!   Thu May 01, 2014 12:13 pm

What They Don’t Want You To Know: How Lace Front Wigs and Extensions Are Killing More Than Women’s Hair!

Lace Front Wigs (and eyebrows & lashes) can be toxic to one’s health.

In early 2014, researchers revealed that the various adhesives used to glue or tape the wigs to the head may have a carcinogenic impact on the body with continued use. And as a result, many women are now experiencing a wide range of side effects from; 1). Permanent Scarring Traction Hair-loss, and 2). Frontal Lobe Cancer (of the forehead)!

Unfortunately, today, if a stylist causes a woman to lose her hair from braid extensions or glue-on extensions, the attitude of the stylist is that it is a matter of buyer beware and that is all.

Well now, with the upsurge in cancers linked specifically to lace-front-wig use, we have entered a whole new era of manufacturer-liability…

Not so long ago, in the 60’s the candy industry received a well deserved blow, when sanctions were passed after being held liable for causing cancer and birth defects amongst expectant mothers, and only then did they stop putting the Red dye in food products (although more current formularies of dyes and additives used in foods have resurfaced over the years, since).

Until they (manufacturers, stylists) are made accountable (and liable) for injuries and illnesses sustained with prolonged exposure to potentially harmful by-products for glue on/braid-on type accessories, they will continue to market these products to the consumer populace.

It is important to note that before a product is made available to the masses, most manufacturers conduct market-research testing in advance, so the possible, negative effects are fully realized prior to going to market with any new product.

The problem has become so widespread that even Celebrities have begun to speak out against the use of such harmful styling products. Actress Countess Vaughn and others have begun was interviewed on the doctors and even posted a Youtube-Vlog about her own permanent Lace-Front-Wig Hair-loss experience and how it has hurt her personally and professionally. Did the stylist offer to pay damages or medical costs for reconstructive surgery, or pay for free mono-cap wigs?--Probably not, but I promise you she was offered some other type of wig service to hide the hair-loss…

As consumers we must act as our own advocate as industry professionals are trying to make money, and whether it is in the hair-styling or hair-loss business, makes little difference.

Medical doctors advise against use of braid extensions, glued in wigs, glue-extensions or bonded extensions for a reason. They caused hair-loss and other damage 90% of the time 9before the recent cancer surge was discovered). And there is nothing protective about that!

If someone wants to glue, sew, crochet or braid something to your hair/skin, they are not trying to make you look better, they are trying to make as much money as they possibly can, and then when hair-loss or damage occurs, they will offer you another (wig) solution to the problem they have knowingly created (and I promise you, it will cost as much or more as regular styling services).

As the consumer, only you have your best interests at heart, and to be forewarned is truly to be forearmed.

Information regarding hair-loss treatment can be found online at:
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What They Don’t Want You To Know: How Lace Front Wigs and Extensions Are Killing More Than Women’s Hair!
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