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 About JBCO: Yes, Castor Ash Really Does Grow Hair, Long!!

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PostSubject: About JBCO: Yes, Castor Ash Really Does Grow Hair, Long!!   Fri Apr 17, 2015 3:19 pm

Arrow It's True, Castor Ash (JBCO) Really Does Grow Hair, Long!! Arrow

Most proponents of Castor already know of the benefits of the traditional (food-grade) golden/yellow castor oil for hair, skin and even digestive support, and many have religiously used the proven combination of: Golden Castor Oil +/plus Sublimed Yellow Sulfur Powder to re-grow and maintain healthy hair.

However, a growing number of castor users have documented stronger, faster healthier hair growth with the use of JBCO / Jamaican Black Castor Oil. The castor seeds are roasted longer and along with the resulting ash, immersed in the oil, resulting in the deeper, smokier color, as well as contributing to the purported, stronger healing properties (not unlike Natural-Cosmetics’ African Black Soap, which incorporates ash in the black-soap making process).

Reportedly, JBCO can be used to reverse and control mild to moderate forms of alopecia-areata, thinning hair and even mild cases of traction hairloss.

The top recommended brands can be found online at
1. Tropic Isle Living JBCO All Purpose Healing Oil
2. Sunny Isle Extra Dark JBCO

Usage tips:
1. Apply with applicator bottle for easier application.
2. For Finer hair types, apply as a pre-shampoo treatment overnight and shampoo out.
3. For heavier, dryer hair types, apply to scalp as leave-in used daily or every other day, and following each shampoo.

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About JBCO: Yes, Castor Ash Really Does Grow Hair, Long!!
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