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 Top Recommended Blogs Vlogs and Websites

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PostSubject: Top Recommended Blogs Vlogs and Websites    Top Recommended Blogs Vlogs and Websites  Icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2015 5:53 am

Here we have compiled a list of recommended blogs, vlogs and websites with great, user-friendly tutorial content. Please Note: Any specific content may be deleted or changed at any time.
------------------------ Awesome Long Hair Journey Tutorial Vlogs
Beauty K Love (1abc)*
Niki and Gabi (1abc)
The Styles Meow (1abc)
Dona Camaj (1abc)
Vivian Vo-Farmer (2ab)*
Foxxy Locksey (2ab)
Spankie Valentine (2cd)*
Lana Summer (3a)
Curly Penny (3ab)
Mo Knows Hair (3abcd)
LoveAngieB (3bcd)*
Curls & Beauty (3cd)
Chakakhanian (3cd, 4a)
OhGinelle (3cd, 4abc)
Long N Healthy (4abc)*
AfroLengths (4abc, 5abc, 6ab)*
Daphne Madyara (4abc) *
Jo Stylin (3d, 4abc)
Razorempress (4abc)
Naturally High (4abc)
Nik Scott (children’s long -3cd, 4abc, 5abc, 6ab) Great Styling Vlogs
Beauty K Love (1abc)-great sleek style enhancing tips

Sameese79 (1abc)-long hair buns

Vivian Vo-Farmer (2ab) –no heat beachy waves

ChandlerKnowsBest (3ab) – curly hair: wash & go routine // jessicurl

SunKissAlba (3bcd)- great curly tips

Kikicouture10 (3d, 4abc)- frizzy 4bc hair with S.M. curl smoothie and Ecostyler

DiscoveringNatural (4abc) – wash and go using wetline xtreme styling gel

Woman In The Jungle (4abc) – 4bc natural hair / Eco cream styler gel (eco-peo-play-n-style)

Cute Girls Hairstyles (1abc) – how to create no-heat paper towel curls

Riituuu (1abc, 2a, 3a)- how to: curlformers

Simply Mara (3cd, 4a) – flexi rod tutorials and styling tips

My Invisible Chrysalis (3d, 4a) – flexi-rod tutorials

SunkissAlba (3abcd) –romantic heatless curls ‘curlformers’ hair tutorial

Nikkimae2003 (3cd, 4a) – curlformers on natural hair

Honestly Erica (4abc) – curlformers on dry natural hair

Jouelzy (4c, 5abc, 6ab) – rod setting shorter, thick natural hair types without heat!

Jouelzy (4c, 5abc, 6ab) –curlformers on 4c hair

Glam Fun (4abc)-defining twistouts on shorter hair

Princess Hairstyles (1abc) –how to make a perfect ballet bun

Hair 101 With April (1abc) – how to do a sock bun

Cute Girls Hairstyles- lace braided bun/updo hairstyles

CariBeauty (4abc)- low sleek bun / natural hair

Kayz Kolours (short 2d, 3cd, 4abc, 5abc, 6ab) -natural hair : sock bun

Mo Knows Hair (3abcd) - twisted Mohawk: how to protective style

AccordingtoCholeC (3cd, 4abc)- Save this Style (long natural protective styling-all thick types)

NaturalMetra (3d, 4abc)-protective style series (med-long natural styling tips-all thick types)

Chescalocs (dreadlock care and maintenance)

Journey To Waist Length (4abc Texlaxed hair)

Texturized Curls (texturized hair/just for me usage tips)

KibbiHair (long relaxed hair care)

Ulovemegz (relaxed hair care) Men’s Styling Vlogs
All4orMens (men’s barber-style haircuts-all types)
Barbers University
Anthony DelucV (1abc)
The Polished Gent (1abc)
TheGentlemansCove (1abc) DIY sea salt spray & other tips
Zach Derbras (2abc)
GrahamsNaturalCurls (3cd)
Terell Mc Donald (3d, 4abc)
Ron Vuggotta (3d, 4abc)
Afrikan Hair God (4abc)
Nico versace (4abc)
Jemijo Max (4abc, 5abc, 6ab)
Lex Lanson (dreadlock care and journey tips)
Howcast (dreadlock care and maintenance)
Lazy Dreads (considering starting dreadlocks-pros and cons)

Top Website Recommendations
Wavy Hair Community (on facebook) Reviews and Information for Texturized Adult Hair
Just For Me Texture Softener/ Texlaxer (the one with the two little girls on the box)

Organix 30 Day Keratin Smoothing Treatment

CurlyGirlkrissie (Organix 30 Day Keratin Smoothing Treatment Review)

RyMingTahn (My Keratin Treatment Nightmare)

The Real Mom Review (Organix 30 Day Keratin Smoothing Treatment)

Luhhsettyxo (Keratin Treatment Warnings)

Journey To Waist Length Hair  (Relaxed VS Texlaxed hair)

Nadia Chanel (3bc-texlaxed) Let’s Talk Texturizers

Texturized Curls (Just for Me Application & Review)

Black Talk Radio (dangers of chemical relaxers linked to fibroid tumors in African women)

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Top Recommended Blogs Vlogs and Websites
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