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 Emu Oil Is A Must-Have Product for Reversing Hairloss!!

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Emu Oil Is A Must-Have Product for Reversing Hairloss!!   Empty
PostSubject: Emu Oil Is A Must-Have Product for Reversing Hairloss!!    Emu Oil Is A Must-Have Product for Reversing Hairloss!!   Icon_minitimeSat Sep 29, 2018 2:00 pm

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Emu Oil Is A Must-Have Product for Reversing Hairloss!!  B/4-Stars!

Emu oil has been long touted for it's healing and regenerative properties when applied to the skin. More recent studies have shown that when applied in full concentration to the scalp, it can also revers mild hairloss issues (mild alopecia-areata, non-scarring traction and slight to mild androgenetic-alopecia)..

Pros and Cons
Only one, the cost. Emu oil is very expensive, so it is probably more cost efficient to purchase the 2oz size initially, and then move on to the 8oz size if you decide to use it permanently/long term.

Anti-aging properties. Emu oil really benefits skin health and appearance. Applied to skin, Emu oil can stimulate collagen and in some cases even reverse minor wrinkles. for those with very sensitive skin, Emu oil is best Diluted with a carrier oil such as Coconut oil or Sweet Almond oil or jojoba oil or Avocado oil when applied to the skin to prevent irritation.

So, while all serious-medical-hairloss (i.e., post-radiative-therapy) has the 'potential' to become permanent, with such related type/s hairloss lasting longer than 3-5years (post-chemotherapy/radiation treatments) without improvement over time, may still need to be surgically addressed, Emu Oil does Regenerate dormant hair follicles. And Emu oil can really benefit mild/minor hairloss concerns. Applied full-strength to the affected area of the scalp at bed time, Emu oil has been shown to stimulate follicles and regrow hair in as little as 8months! Best applied directly to affected areas each night for 7-12 months to see results (note: requires consistent use (at least 4-7nights per week) to see results). Great for mild to minor hairloss issues (alopecia-areata, non-scarring-traction-alopecia, mild-cases of hormonal hairloss and very mild androgenetic-alopecia)... Some people recommend weekly alternating between Emu oil at full-strength and Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil (alternate every seven days) for upto 12months for great results.

Great Holistic Hairloss Remedies
1. Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil
2. Emu Oil
3. Pumpkinseed Oil
4. Alopecia blend: Rosemary oil, Lavender oil, Thyme white oil, Cedarwood atlsa oil in a carrier oil blend of Jojoba oil and pure Grapeseed oil.
5. Onion Juice overnight pre-shampoo treatment
6. Coconut Oil + Olive Oil scalpdress and/hot-oil-pre-shampoo treatment (50-50 blend)
Do a google or search for more information on these proven all-natural methods for follicular stimulation and hair re-growth.

Overall, Emu Oil is a really strong product and worth the investment in any hair-care regimen.

Our grade: B; or 4-Stars!
(Reprinted from OUR own EmuOil Amazon-Reviews)
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Emu Oil Is A Must-Have Product for Reversing Hairloss!!
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